AERON – A Blockchain Ecosystem That Is Set to Impact Airlines Industry

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The blockchain ecosystem that is set to impact airlines, passengers pilots, manufacturers and safety consultants in a single, sophisticated platform- AERON

With the advent and evolution of technology, the aviation industry has seen a phenomenal growth in the last 2 decades, not to mention the tremendous boost it has provided to the tourism industry by supporting up to $892.4 billion in economic activity.

The aviation industry is poised for a substantial growth with a Boeing aviation market outlook predicting the increase in fleet size to 40,630 and 2,930 passenger and freighter fleets respectively.

However, the industry has its fair share of problems which if not attended to can cause serious impediments to the forecasted growth. Some of the major issues that continue to linger are as listed below:

  • Lack of a system that can confirm a pilot’s credibility in terms of experience, log records, etc.
  • The ‘Pay to fly’ option often leads to inexperienced pilots being hired thus causing serious safety concerns.
  • Concealment of true data by airline operators in-order to save on maintenance costs.
  • Corruption among flying schools to manipulate flying hours.
  • Distortion or manipulation in data systems.
  • Airlines rely on data from varied domains thus leading to non-linearity in data exchange and maintenance.

All of the above-listed issues have a direct impact on the most pivotal concerning factor- Safety

Welcome Aeron– offering the most comprehensive solutions that is set to redefine the aviation world using the revolutionary Blockchain technology.

The Blockchain technology is nothing short of the next industrial revolution. With features such as tamper-proof database, unerasable data recordings, fully transparent data validations & logs, Smart Contracts based transparent transactions to name a few, blockchain is the perfect solution to the persistent problems of the aviation industry.

Aeron makes use of the power of blockchain to create a platform that offers robustness, transparency, reliability and matchless credibility to records & data, all aimed towards providing the aviation industry with a system that takes the practice of aircraft maintenance, safety, and security to a whole new level. Aeron offers seamless validation of data between all the participants such as Pilot, Air traffic Control, operator, and aviation authorities that results in data mismatch, if any, being duly highlighted for effective resolution.

The Aeron blockchain based ecosystem consists of the following main components:

Pilot Application

  • Available in both iOS and Android, the app lets the pilot enter all required and relevant data pertaining to a flight plan.
  • The app tracks and records location during the flight.
  • IN time recording of every flight completion.
  • Fixed Base Operator (FBO) services offered to pilots at destinations with featured services or discounts.
  • Once the flight data is entered into the blockchain, it cannot be tampered with and validated against data from aircraft operator and ATC.

Company Application

  • Available in both iOS and Android, the app receives flight completion data from server.
  • Option to add information pertaining to Oil, Refuelling and technical condition of the aircraft.
  • Option for task creation for technical specials towards aircraft maintenance and servicing.
  • Aircraft bookings can also be made through the app.
  • Various other company services can also be added which the pilots can have access to.
  • Once the flight data is entered into the blockchain, it can be validated against pilot logs and ATC data. The data remains safe and tamper-proof.
  • Data can be referred to anytime for historical analysis.

  • This is an app for the passengers.
  • Features such as demo flights, flying school details, and private pilots are listed.
  • Pilots who have their flight credentials validated with Aeron solution are highlighted with a trust icon.
  • Best offers and discounts available to passengers.
  • Option to book only using fiat or cryptocurrency.
  • Passengers also have the option to give feedback on completion of flight.
  • The data entered by the passenger can be validated against those submitted by pilots and the pilot profiles updated accordingly.

Comparing with the traditional and prevalent systems, Aeron Solution is the only platform that offers reliability, transparency, convenience, and validation, all at once over a single application.

Aeron Token (ARN)

Aeron has introduced its own cryptocurrency Aeron Token (ARN). Based on the ERC20 standard, ARN can be used over the ecosystem to pay subscription or transaction fees, pay commission on paid services, as a means to purchase aviation services, unlock varied offers to name a few. ARN is designed to be safer, reliable, inflation protected and well funded than any other cryptocurrency.

A hard-cap of 20,000,000 ARN is set for the ICO. 60% (12,000,000) ARN tokens would be up for sale in ICO. The base price of ARN is set at 1 ARN= $0.5 USD

Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) are the only accepted payment methods.

Of the remaining 40% of the ARN, 20% is reserved for marketing campaigns for the growth of the network. 18% is reserved for the development & management team and the last 2% towards meeting the administrative costs of the token sale.

Aeron with its revolutionary vision coupled with the power of the blockchain technology is set to redefine the aviation industry and is well on its way to be a leader at that.

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