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Hi all!

I recently started Anacoinda, a site where you can see USD and transaction volume for around 80 currencies and regional aggregates (my favourite: Africa!)

I made this site because I felt, although a very great site overall, lacks timeliness and uniformity when it comes to LocalBitcoins. It only reports once a week and only displays volumes in local currency or BTC, not in USD.

So, some detail about my site: per currency/aggregate it reports 3 different metrics:

  • Daily USD volume of the past 28 days
  • Long-term averages of daily transactions
  • Long-term averages of daily USD volume

For every aggregate, I also include the #tx and USD volume of the underlying currencies of the past 24 hours.

All graphs and HTML pages are generated in Python (hence the name Anacoinda) using Jinja2, Pandas and Bokeh. The latter two are great packages courtesy of PyData. Everything is statically generated once a day.

Things on my todo list:

  • Report USD price (as reported by LocalBitcoins)
  • Make it mobile friendly
  • Get a nice theme
  • Get a nice TLD

Having said that, I built this site in my spare time out of pure obsession over Bitcoin – if you feel like contributing, any donation to the following address is more than welcome:


If you have any feedback, please let me know – I'd love to hear what you think about my site.

Thank you for your attention! – Anacoinda

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