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This is a war. We have a majorly untenable situation occurring within this technology which anyone with any understanding knows undoes the foundation on which this can all stand. Does this really need to be pointed out? The reason we have bitcoin is because centralized clearing houses don't allow the freedom we all desire. When one guy and his company make 70% of the miners that are currently in use while at the same time operating somewhere north of 50% of the total hashrate of the network that is a problem.

Next, that problem manifests in one scandal after another as we are becoming increasingly accustomed to while you have an outrageous group of paid adversaries and agent provocateurs running their own sub, controlling small but important parts of infrastructure such as bitcoin.com itself performing endless psy-ops trying to attack this experiment in the only way that might possibly succeed – by undermining the principles on which it was founded.

Well we weren't founded on being nice to one another.

Adversarial thinking while taking advantage of the selfishness of others meant designing a system that people would be irrational to participate in for purposes that did not align with the rest of the users.

That has not been the case for a long time. It has given way to "well it doesn't seem to be a problem right now".

This is a war. The principles that built this thing must at all costs remain. To deviate from them is far too easy to do, and it is all too easy show up with a poor understanding of things and encourage development that leads us down a bad path.

But it is another thing entirely to continually accept – in good faith – a psychological warfare campaign that attempts to fuck the whole project up.

No one who understands what is amazing here, and what is at stake here is interested in any "compromise" or "hugs."

Being open minded is too rarely seen in a negative light. When someone attempts to destroy you, your defensive behavior will be questioned. If you listen to this it will only weaken your continued vigilance in the future.

Remember the principles. Adhere to them. Don't weaken.

TL;DR: "I was going to disrupt the world's most powerful industry, but then people started being mean and I told them to be nice and they didn't so I quit"

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