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Stash Node Pro

This past October the privacy-centric Bitcoin company Stash founded by Chris Odom and Cliff Baltzley released its first product the Stash Node Pro. Now customers can get their very own Stash Bitcoin node through’s online store.

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The Stash Node Pro Now Available at’s Store Adds Stash Node Pro to its Online StoreThe Stash Node Pro is a plug-and-play full Bitcoin node with many other capabilities. The product launched this past fall includes features like digital checks, recurring payments, an end-to-end encrypted messaging system, open transactions, and more. The team says StashOS software, comes with a wide variety of cryptographic financial instruments. The Stash team is thrilled to have their product distributed through The Bitcoin Store.

“ adding the Stash Node Pro to their sales roster is a perfect match for our hardware device,” says Cliff Baltzley, Stash CEO. “ is a go-to destination for Bitcoin experts and enthusiasts alike due to the highly focused product line of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related items.”

Customers can find the Stash Node Pro at’s Store here with a full description of the product. The Stash Node is 100 percent dedicated to privacy without relying on centralized services. Back in October Stash CTO and co-founder, Chris Odom told, “We’re reducing the need for reliance on trusted third parties. — All money services existing today can be replaced by consumer devices. Through strong cryptography, parties can transact directly and privately with one another.” Adds Stash Node Pro to its Online Store owner and CEO Roger Ver is happy to host a privacy-centric device with a dedicated focus on security at the store. Ver stated during the announcement, “We’re very happy to be the first distributor for the Stash Node Pro.”

Furthermore, the founder and General Manager of The Bitcoin Store, Stephen Macaskill detailed:

“We believe that the added security and theft proof nature of OT is exactly what the Bitcoin community has been demanding from the cryptosphere’s innovators.”

Get your Stash Node Pro at The Bitcoin Store today!

What do you think about the Stash Node Pro? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Stash and The Crypto Show. 

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