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Translation from the original at Coinspondent

It has been a little upwards of 36 hours since the original article has been online and the reactions to it have been impressive as well as remarkable.

Therefore – before I get to the details on the intermediary results – first of all I would like to say thank you for all the support that has been streaming in in the past hours. Not just financially, but also in the form of moral support, motivating mails, helpful hints, personal experiences and access to further Onecoin investigation material. All of this has been very helpful. I am going to explain why more in-depth further below.

A very special thank you also goes to both of my Honigdachs podcast comrades-in-arms, Stefan and Manuel, without whose contribution this entire campaign could not have been launched in this short a time frame. Honeybadger does care! … and the topic of the upcoming podcast is decided as well.

But let's get to the far more interesting part: that which has been achieved or initiated in the past one and a half days.

A glance on the financial side

At this moment (t.n.: updated to right now) there have been 80 donations to the bitcoin address totalling about 7.4 bitcoins. Taken together with the paypal donations so far we are at upwards of 9300 Euro. That is a terrific start and extraordinarily relevant. Not just in monetary terms, but also in terms of solidarity and – especially relevant – in terms of public awareness.

Solidarity insofar as the cost is getting distributed evenly among all donors; and the more people are contributing the smaller every single contributor's share becomes. That is because I am still assuming that all the money will only be needed in the worst case scenario and I will be able to pay back a large part of it.

Out of the shadows, into the limelight

Nonetheless, the total is very important at this moment. Because it is ultimately the scale that makes it possible to measure the force with which we, the bitcoin community, are ready to stand up to the Oncecoin side. And the more striking and remarkable the crowd funding is going, the greater the chances of achieving the external impact we want to achieve: Namely that there is not just a formal decision that declares my Onecoin reporting legal, but that the method Onecoin as such is being made public and that the media and general public take a look at it and can make up their own minds about which side of the force the ones responsible for Onecoin are on with their project.

Because the worst case for Onecoin is that their sources of income are drying up. And these sources will dry up when their potential "clients" get to know what distinguishes a real crypto currency like bitcoin from a cryptic business model like Onecoin. In order to achieve that we need the press and the public; and these in turn we attract in proportion to how newsworthy this campaign is going to be.

We are on a very good course here. At the moment I am contacting many editorial offices and I have already received positive feedback. Our campaign has by no means gone unnoticed, but it takes some time over the long weekend until the larger media outlets also pick this up. Lest we forget: The whole thing has only been running a little over 36 hours.

Update media reportage

Further increasing our clout!

Nonetheless it's naturally in our hands to make the campaign even more newsworthy for the public. The more remarkable the crowd funding, the greater our potential to reach even more people and further cut off Onecoin from its funding.

Whoever wants to contribute to our mission, given these arguments, is very welcome. The more people join in, the more solidarily the costs are distributed, the greater the external impact, the uglier it gets for Onecoin and all participants and the more the public image of bitcoin and the bitcoin community can ultimately profit.

Show digital courage!

Because your support is showing that the bitcoin community is by no means consisting of just the stereotypes the public has so far been introduced to (darknet drug dealers and extortionists, some internet weirdos, egotistic speculators etc.), but many righteous people with a healthy view of right and wrong and the courage of standing up for it as well.

Let us take this opportunity to show this image to the public – there won't be a better one so soon.

donation link in the original Article

Have you also received a Onecoin Abmahnung? Contact us!

In closing, here are another few important and interesting notes:

  • If you have also received an Abmahnung, do contact me. Knowing the concrete extent of the ongoing Abmahn wave against bloggers critical of Onecoin is relevant for the press.
  • We are setting an example! Bjørn Bjercke from Norway who has also been pressured by Onecoin lawyers has introduced his own legal defense fund a few hours ago.
  • By the way, you can see how "smart" the pro-Onecoin-side is in comments as "Ihr seid echt dum" (sic!) (n.t.: misspelled childish insult, similar to "You are real dump") of which there are quite a few coming in on this level

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