BitHub.Africa Announces Blockchain Opportunity Crowdsale Campaign in Africa

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BitHub.Africa, an accelerant of Bitcoin has announced The African Blockchain Opportunity crowdsale campaign to foster region’s cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Nairobi-based blockchain accelerator BitHub.Africa’s crowdsale will offer crypto-currency enthusiasts a chance to buy an Ebook worth $29.99 dwelling extensive reports on the top 16 most suitable blockchain platforms for 2017. BitHub.Africa’s new incubator and partner hubs across Africa will capitalizes their activities  using the revenue generated by Ebook sales.

The continent has been leapfrogging and has been seeing a growing number of mobile money platforms like M-Pesa, that enable digital transactions using fiat currencies, faster then any other country across globe. The ratification of mobile money platforms like M-Pesa has opened up endless possibility for cryptocurrency based applications in the financial sector. The continent currently embellishing blockchain technology market in the world, BitHub.Africa aims to be at the forefront of the digital revolution sweeping across the youthful continent.

Acknowledgement of BitHub.Africa

The blockchain opportunity report shows divination of emerging blockchain technologies that are offering interesting solutions to many challenges across Africa.

In The Blockchain Opportunity Report, BitHub.Africa has effectively reviewed 16 cryptocurrencies and blockchain platforms that are believed to muck up existing incumbents across key sectors like finance, technology, and commerce. With Africa’s most prominent Bitcoin revivalist  Alakanani Itireleng’s in her exordium stated that, the report will be most beneficial to blockchain entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and enthusiasts.

Omiting traditional centralized banking and payment systems in developing world, people are beginning to feel the benefits of decentralized currency through increased adoption of mobile and internet-based blockchain technology. African nations are hastening with this trend to create an assuring atmosphere for crypto-currency and blockchain initiatives. The Blockchain Opportunity Report has achieved great reception among the peers in cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Max Kordek, Founder and CEO of Lisk stated that BitHub Africa’s blockchain opportunity report maneuver towards a broader market adoption of blockchain technology in Africa. Lisk is right in the middle of this movement strengthening the local communities with the Lisk ecosystem.

The Head of Partnerships at Coinbase, Kristine Stone said,

“The Blockchain Opportunity is a clear picture of the disruptive solutions at the fingertips of Africa. Evaluating trends and data John provides a holistic view of opportunities and challenges blockchain technology will face. In this stimulating book, the reader is provided a window into how blockchain will change the way we live not only in Africa, but the world at large.”

Alternative Currencies Vs Crypto Currencies in Africa

In Africa, on one hand where alternative currencies are aptitude in creating efficiency, on other hand  it is disrupting conventional mechanisms for international trade, resource management, and governance. An exponential growth in the adoption of new blockchain technologies and innovations would combat issues of high transaction cost which is caused due to weak infrastructure, mismanagement,growing inflation and corruption.

In the past eight years since origination of Bitcoin in year 2009 , crypto-currencies have ponder largely. Now the market is flooded with new crypto-currencies, with many that offer little more than to make quick returns from investors while offering nothing in return. BitHub.Africa’s comprehensive report is a result of strenuous research and analysis of dozens of crypto-currency platforms. Crypto-currency businesses and enthusiasts identifies those offering unique value propositions or innovative solutions to meet the society’s needs while solving existing social and economic problems.

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