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BIZBYTES a Revolutionary New Currency better than BITCOIN

If you don’t know what Bitcoins are, you missed the latest growth curve that saw Bitcoin skyrocket from $300 to $3,000 range the past couple of years.

Well the Genius who founded the AI Think Tank HelixQ who authored Bitcoin Algorithm the book that explained why Bitcoin was going to rise as fast and high as it has, is the man behind BIZBYTES a new digital type of business currency that has made the 1 BIZ Network the fastest growing Business Network in the world.

Dr. Sol Adoni is the Genius behind BIZBYTES and his amazing business career has seen him create Universitius a post graduate think tank as well as the AI Think Tank HelixQ .

Dr. Adoni also founded the huge 1 Media Network as well, which has portals for Businesses in every major industry there is.

BIZBYTES was created in the HelixQ think tank as a way to connect the myriad of Sol Adoni companies and business clients.

The idea is pure genius, 1 BIZ Network was formed as the BIZBYTES hub that members who are all businesses use to trade BIZBYTES among themselves in a huge new private bartering portal featuribg the easy use of a lightning fast and secure BIZBYTE wallet that features ZERO transaction fees for members.

Members get thousands of BIZBYTES when they join the Network at the rate of 2 to 1 using the US Dollar as the base trade unit for members.

So members buy from other members at a 50% discount rate. Yet when they accept BIZBYTES the get 100% of the US Dollar value in exchange for using BIZBYTES.

Better yet, many members are professionals so when they accept BIZBYTES the cost to acquire them is nothing since most members use their intellectual skills as professionals to do most of the work for services they sell to other members.

An example is a lawyer that does say 4 hours of work and earns them $1,000 BIZBYTES if their normal hourly rate is say $250 an hour.

What can the lawyer buy with BIZBYTES? They can buy the equal value in US Dollars from other members pretty much whatever they need from other professional services such as dental work or car repair and even dinners at restaurants in the network.

A business owner in the Network could stop spending cash due the diversity of businesses in the Network.

As business owners acquire BIZBYTES from other members in the Network which is geared toward professionals and low cost service industries such as restaurants and labor intensive trades like mechanics and Roofers and Plumbers, they can buy most services they now pay cash for.

Dr. Adoni told us his private barter and trade network is the way business did trade for millenniums until fiat based currency systems took over. The new twist is how owners can now accept a digital point systems as value to then trade and barter with on the Network.

The Network is quickly growing through word of mouth since each member is an affiliate that earns big rewards paid in BIZBYTES as they get friends who are business owners to join the Network.

BIZBYTES are instantly transferred between members with ZERO transaction fees.

If a member needs to acquire moreBIZBYTES than they have, the Network sells them to members at the rate of 2 to 1 against the US Dollar.

That means members never pay more than 50% for items they buy on the Network while they get 100% value when they sell by taking BIZBYTES as the trade unit of value.

A member could get their haircut, treat their wife to a spa and go to a nice restaurant all through using BIZBYTES instead of cash.

Bitcoin is nothing but a speculators toy that is difficult to use and takes hours and days for transactions to clear.

BIZBYTES is a real world solution for business owners to save their cash while never paying more than 50% of what they buy now normally using cash.

If a restaurant joins they are creating digital currency at the normal food cost of 20% or so.

Professionals can just generate lots of BIZBYTES by using a few hours of their brain power.

Dr. Adoni explained that low paying labor jobs even benefit from the Network since a business that cleans cars, cuts grass or hair or cleans offices are all services business owners and professionals use, so now normally cash strapped business owners in lower earning jobs will have the ability to create lots of BIZBYTES with only elbow grease.

These are negatives associated with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has a volatile value not stable like BIZBYTES

Transaction fees are increasing with Bitcoin compared to none with BIZBYTES

Bitcoins are hard to use, with almost no local merchants taking them in the USA. BIZBYTES has a Network of local business owners that take them.

Bitcoin wallets can be lost and even if a password is forgotten they are useless and you lost all your coins. BIZBYTES wallets can be recovered and are never lost.

Bitcoin is ripe with fraud, the BIZBYTES network is only known business owners and fraud would be hard to commit and if a member uses fraud they are removed from the Network.

Bitcoins have super long wait times to verify if a transaction or transfer was good. BIZBYTES features INSTANT TRANSFERS between members with ZERO Fees.

The average person cannot create Bitcoins where a Business Owner can easily acquire BIZBYTES as soon as they join the Network.

If you are a business owner check out


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Bitcoin News and Search

1 News - 247 News - 247 Bitcoin - 1 Search

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