Brian Armstrong & Erik Voorhees — you’re doing a disservice to the bitcoin community by acknowledging BU as bitcoin.

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The bitcoin exchange hard fork contingency plan was a great step towards calming the waters of the BU uncertainty. Then you two make a statement indicating that you're going to consider BU as "Bitcoin" if it achieves majority hash from miners. This is irresponsible and you're essentially giving a handful of miners a bigger voice than the economic majority which is overwhelmingly against BU. What you are doing is allowing them to continue with this deadlock… 90% of the economy already stated their position and you two are leaving it open ended indicating that hash power has final say ignoring the checks and balances that the users and economy plays for any scenario of a split. It's unfortunate because you're supporting a movement that:

  • Heavily relies on anti-Core propaganda

  • Heavily relies on reddit censorship to make their case

  • Clearly centralized (Jihan Wu/Roger Ver vs. the community)

  • Proven to be unreliable

  • Relies on social engineering (Ver pays for anti-core bots)

  • Does not have support of the businesses/users/developers which you can clearly see on twitter

  • Supported by bitmain to halt segwit and 2nd layer solutions

  • Incentive that heavily favors miners over the overall community

Giving this uncertainty that you may consider BU as the official bitcoin if it has majority hashpower (which is almost entirely Jihan) you are giving them a bargaining chip and extending this uncertainty longer than it has to. This is not a divide within the community, it's a few causing havoc and you need to look at the evidence and take a position.


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