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BU is anti-Satoshi:

  • While Cores client name remains "Satoshi", regardless how long Satoshi has gone, BU changed it to "BitcoinUnlimited", regardless how few changes have been made to the code.

  • BU supporters like to talk about how wrong it is to honor Satoshi and how unimportant he is.

By doing so, they make it sound more reasonable that we can forget about Satoshi's vision and Bitcoin's original purpose.

BU is anti-decentralization:

It's well known BU is anti-decentralization, the one core feature and original purpose of Bitcoin.

BU is anti-Bitcoin's-mechanism:

Emergent Consensus tries to break the foundation/mechanism that's established through Satoshi's years of efforts, without making any actual efforts to prove it works.

Now by putting them together, one should easily see the simple fact: BU is anti-Bitcoin.

I have been wondering if the attack is originated from people who want to control Bitcoin (the power/money pursuers), or from people who want to destroy Bitcoin (the Bitcoin haters). Now it's quite clear. Both the power/money pursuers and the Bitcoin haters can be anti-Satoshi and anti-decentralization. But only the Bitcoin haters would be anti-Bitcoin's-mechanism. Miners are being used as a pawn in this SegWit/Core-vs-BU war. Non-Bitcoin-hating BU supporters are used, too.

One quick question: can we tell if Roger Ver still owns a large amount of bitcoins? Edit: Never mind. He can sell them before initiating the final attack, even if he still holds a lot.

By the way, BU is not just big blocker. It is any-size-any-time-no-boundary blocker, as its name suggested. They are completely different. Regular big blocker still sticks to Bitcoin's rules. BU doesn't. Regular big blocker is innocent. BU isn't.

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Bitcoin News and Search

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