Call for testing: bustapay :: a practical coinjoin protocol (BIP79) on mainnet! [With a small bounty!]

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Originally inspired by pay 2 endpoint, I authored Bustapay :: a practical coinjoin protocol which is a simple payment protocol with truly outsized privacy gains.

After a lot of private testing, I am happy to announce that it's ready for some real-world testing. One of (the?) the largest bitcoin casinos (bustabit) has (quietly) implemented bustapay receive support. As bustabit averages several million dollars worth of volume per day, this represents a huge opportunity to see how bustapay's privacy benefits work in the real world. Bustabit already employs unparalleled bitcoin privacy techniques (custom coin selection, change avoidance, address reuse avoidance, optional batching, randomized wallet behavior etc) but companies like chainalysis have proven to employ rather effective heuristics that lead to much better results than you would first suspect.

It is my belief that if we can get even a small amount (say 1%) of transactions using bustapay, we will totally destroy their ability to analyze the wallet. So that is what I am asking for us to try today. I know someone with access to chainalysis who will be able to help me with a few queries (if anyone else wants to volunteer: please email me at and your identity and all identifying queries you run will be kept absolutely confidential).

By helping test, you will also obfuscate your wallet hugely! But please be aware that your wallet will likely be confused as being part of a casino, so only help if you don't mind! I will be happy to reimburse all reasonable txfees used for testing, and offering a free $10 of bitcoin to the first 100 people who test. (But please don't abuse this. I will not pay anyone who I suspect might not be an independent person).

Right now wallet support for bustapay is unfortunately lacking (please ask your favorite wallet about support!) but fortunately it's not too difficult to do with bitcoin core. I wrote a little utility to automate it, however I'd strongly advise against running arbitrary code like that as it's a ridiculous security risk. Plus by doing it manually you get to see the steps involved. So please instead use the manual instructions:

The procedure is as simple as:

  • Go to and register an account (no private information required)
  • Click "Cashier" -> "Deposits" and copy your deposit address

Use: as your "bustapay url"

(Important note: I run this service, it is not an official bustabit service. However the security model of bustapay makes it impossible for me to steal from you. It just allows me observe the transactions (which I will be doing for the purpose of monitoring how badly we confuse chainalysis). I promise to treat all information with due care and will delete it as soon as possible.

Now follow the manual instructions here:

After 1 confirmation all funds will be in your bustabit account, which you can withdraw (no gambling required!).

P.S. If you want to try first with testnet, use: to get a testnet address, and then use (NOTE: this is pretty much a blackhole, please don't expect the testnet coins back).

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