China-Based BTCC Launches Multi-Currency Twitter-Enabled App and Debit Card

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The Bitcoin company BTCC has launched a new mobile application called “Mobi” for both iOS and Android users. The platform offers users a variety of features such as sending bitcoins via text messages, and a Visa bitcoin debit card.

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BTCC Introduces the Mobi Payments App

BTCC Launches Mobile Application and Bitcoin Debit CardChina-based BTCC is a Bitcoin company founded in 2011 that operates an online trading exchange, mints physical bitcoins, and now has entered the mobile payments market. The platform Mobi is a multi-currency mobile wallet that enables bitcoin storage and conversion between over 100 currencies including gold and silver. The wallet has virtually no registration process and enables users to register with the phone number associated with their mobile device.

Additionally, the Mobi app enables customers to transfer every currency the platform supports to Twitter and through SMS text as well.

“Uniquely, Mobi allows customers to send money in any currency, including bitcoin, to any of Twitter’s 319 million users”, explains the BTCC’s announcement.

China-based BTCC Launches Multi-currency Twitter-enabled App and Debit Card

Bitcoin Debit Card

The Mobi application also comes with an optional debit card where users can load bitcoins and use the card wherever Visa is accepted. After installing the app, users can order a Mobi Visa card by selecting the “Mobi Visa Card” option in the wallet’s main tab. The card operates much like other competing bitcoin debit cards such as the Bitpay card but it is slightly different, a BTCC employee details on Reddit.

“Mobi is different from Xapo in that we support over 100 currencies, so for the debit card, if you have money in your USD wallet, the card will deduct funds from the USD wallet for purchases”, explains the BTCC representative. “If you don’t have money in your USD wallet, we will automatically convert bitcoin into USD when you use your card”.

BTCC says that the Mobi debit card can be used at most point of sale locations and also allows withdrawals in any currency it supports at any ATMs worldwide.

Can Twitter and SMS Integration Promote Bitcoin Adoption?

BTCC Launches Mobile Application and Bitcoin Debit CardOver the past few years, there have been a few other platforms that have tried to incorporate Bitcoin transactions with Twitter and text messenger services. Most of these attempts have had little success, and some have failed completely. Just last year, the Bitcoin company Circle Financial offered a Bitcoin texting feature utilizing the iOS Messenger application. However, Circle has terminated buying and selling services on their platform, and quite a few bitcoin users have stopped using the application entirely after the firm changed its business model.

BTCC believes that its Twitter integration and SMS feature may help mainstream adoption take off. “With Mobi, we are taking Bitcoin mainstream”, exclaims the Bitcoin start-up.

What do you think about BTCC’s Mobi application and debit card? Let us know in the comments below.

Images via Shutterstock, the Mobi website, and Twitter.

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