Former Head of Global and Veteran Blockchain Investor Join Tip Blockchain Advisory Board

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Toronto, Canada -Tip Blockchain, a Canadian company building the first indexed and searchable blockchain, announces two new members of their advisory board.

As the former head of global operations at decentralized crowdfunding platform,, David Sabo has experience helping blockchain startups successfully become high growth companies.

Carl Nunez has been a cryptocurrency investor for several years and has an in-depth knowledge of the crypto-economy and links to other major blockchain projects.

David and Carl join Jasper Hellman – CMO of Envion AG which raised over $100 million in their recent ICO, and Benoit Morelli – Head of Product of Gimli Project, as the newest additions to the expanding advisory board of Tip Blockchain.

Tip Blockchain is working on solving the problems people face in using cryptocurrency for day to day transactions via innovative decentralized solutions. They are creating a blockchain based ecosystem consisting of decentralized apps with features like user-friendly usernames as addresses instead of cryptographic hashes, search and discovery of other users by their usernames, and a cryptocurrency point of sale system for merchants.  The entire ecosystem is built upon the Tip blockchain – a fully indexed and searchable protocol, the first of its kind, allowing the attachment of metadata to accounts and transactions. Find out more about the project and their upcoming token sale on their website and social media channels.







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1 News - 247 News - 247 Bitcoin - 1 Search

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