Creditbit Price Soars; More to Come with Cryptocurrency Hype

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Key Highlights

  • Creditbit price rocketed higher today and moved higher against the US Dollar and Bitcoin.
  • The CRBIT/USD pair rose from the $1.70 low and traded as high as $7.25.
  • The CRBIT/BTC pair also surged higher and moved above the 0.0050BTC resistance.

Creditbit price soared against the US Dollar and Bitcoin to register nasty gains, and it looks like more gains are possible considering the recent moves.

Creditbit Price Bounce and Upside Surge

Creditbit, which is a relatively new cryptocurrency is on the move recently. Its price registered nasty gains during the past few days, and it looks unstoppable at the moment. It is developed on an independent Bitcoin-like Blockchain on December 2015. They also recently launched a new Creditbit Info APP.  According to details on the website, the app helps in providing basic information about Creditbit coin. With the app, one can follow its price in the real-time action.

The app also helps users and traders to find markets to buy Credibit coin. The price of the coin marched higher recently against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. First, the CRBIT/USD pair gained heavy bids from the $1.70 low, and started moving higher. There was a strong upside move, as the price moved past the $3 and $5 resistance levels to trade as high as $7.25.

Creditbit Price Soars

Similarly, the CRBIT/BTC pair moved higher from the 0.0015BTC to trade above the 0.0050BTC resistance. The current price action looks god and with Cryptocurrency Hype, there are chances of more gains in the near term. The price is currently correcting sharply towards 0.003BTC, but it remains supported on the downside for yet another upside move.

Looking at the indicators:

Hourly MACD – The MACD for the CRBIT/BTC pair is stabilizing in the bullish zone.

Hourly RSI – The RSI for the CRBIT/BTC pair is correcting lower from the extreme overbought levels.

Intraday Support Level – 0.0030BTC

Intraday Resistance Level – 0.0050BTC

Charts from Worldcoinindex

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