Dont feed trolls and liars like Roger Ver and Wright.

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  1. Roger Ver knows nothing about Tech and code. I browsed his twitter and found that most people replied his post to laugh at him. Which actually encouraged him to do similar things.

  2. Roger Ver was, is a salesman. He doesnt see lies as a thing and his aim is only to have more sales. So more attention is always good to him. So he does everything that can increase attention. So please dont feed him.

After all, you cant let the salesman agree with your opinion that the product he touts is bad.

  1. Great course cant be fulfilled by telling lies, but sales can be increased. Bitcoin wasnt, isnt, wont, and cant be a sale.

  2. Thats the reason why Roger Ver can blatantly attack Theymos by a name of 'Theymoslover"

Thats the reason why roger ver can blatantly attack Satoshi and Bitcoin by intentionally misinterpret Satoshi's words rashly.

He does not care about whether its good or bad, he sees what he does as a sale. Not great course.

  1. Thats the reason why Wright still claims he is Satoshi. And a shocking proportion of Roger's fans believe so. So, Roger Ver and Wright will unite sooner or later.

  2. You cant do anything more to refute that Wright is Satoshi, because its already obvious.

    You cant do anything more to refute that Roger Ver is Bitcoin Judas, because its already obvious.

So, please ignore them.

  1. Its extremely probable that Roger Ver has nearly no Bitcoin now, thats the reason why he dodged the trade with 'loaded'. Like Fake Satoshi, he does not show any evidence that he holds, and even if he ever had, Logic chain already suggests that he has sold nearly all to buy Kraken shares, altcoins, expensive domains, hire people, and pay for life expenses.

In China, there is a famous person "duan hongbin", Who was known by 99% bitcoiners in China. He wrote many articles to urge everyone to buy Bitcoin since 2011, 100% positive. But after he sold btc in May 2013, what he wrote about Bitcoin was only negative, no positive one since then. He bought altcoins in 2014 and told his fans to buy them, because "they are the next Bitcoin". From 2015 he became silent because the price of altcoins plunged so less and less people trusted him.

Not only "Duan hongbin" and Roger Ver, many people hate Bitcoin because they have sold them. People who tout Bitcoin only because they own some are not REAL BITCOINERS.

  1. Many people are not satisfied with Bitcoin devs. But, please dont resort to unifying with those people who hate Bitcoin, especially when you have already known he does. Dont act like a salesman.

  2. Sorry to other salesmen in advance.

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