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Hello guys,

I'm in bitcoin since 2013 and this is probably first time I have urge to speak out.

I don't know if you guys realize what is really going on. It's not Core vs BU, it's Ego vs Bitcoin future. I mean you can see the same pattern throughout human history. It's not about making world better place, it's about making world better place via MY vision.

Just look at state of bitcoin from broader perspective. Ultra smart people are behaving like little kids just because their egoic mind wants them to mean something. One party is bashing another and vica versa. What is the fucking point? At one point in the future, you will be gone but bitcoin will be still here. You really want your child to behave like YOU want or you let it be itself and help it grow?

It's not about YOU, it's about Bitcoin, it's about humanity, it's about future.

So please ultra smart people working on bitcoin development just stop for a second. Just stop and look what your egoic mind have done… Well and start working on helping your child even if it's not your vision of its future.

I don't think you believe what you are saying because it's clearly agains common sense.

Fact 1:
We need to scale bitcoin.

Fact 2:
We need to fix malleability to create new layers on top of bitcoin. Well and segwit is already done.

Fact 3:
We need to increate blocksize limit

But what is core and BU doing?
Both teams are just pushing their own agendas. They care more about themselves than about bitcoin.

Why is so hard to admit that other party is right in something?
Segwit + increased blocksize limit is no brainer for most people.

In the end it will be about – who can dissolve his ego first. Sooner the better. Right now both core and BU alike are damaging bitcoin.

We can do our part by being aware of this insanity and either help current players to realize it or support new party who won't have the same flaws.

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