Encrypto Telecom Launches ICO To Bring Blockchain Technology To Global Telecommunications

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Encrypto Telecom plans to become the first cloud secured, private branch exchange (PBX) – an internal telephone exchange or switching system – using blockchain technology. The Moscow-based project plans to deliver new solutions for telecommunications that address privacy and civil liberties. Funds raised from a recently launched ICO will allow EncryptoTel to use encrypted communication and a cloud-based PBX to ensure privacy in offering a range of services.

EncryptoTel will link a virtual PBX with blockchain protocols, encryption and cryptocurrency payments to improve performance, functionality and competitive advantage in the telecom market, according to a white paper by CEO/co-founder Roman Nekrasov.

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Roman Nekrasov

The EncryptoTel application will enable users to connect and make VoIP calls using any device – desktop, Zoiper, Android SIP, X-Lite and more – and give access to the PBX using messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

The project not only marks the first PBX to use blockchain technology. It is also the first to use blockchain tokens to support its ecosystem. The EncryptoTel Token (ETT) will serve as a source of currency for PBX and VoIP services. ETT payments will receive discounts and other advantages over other currencies.

A recently deployed beta PBX uses traffic encryption based on SIP/TLS technologies. The technology’s client servers can support a connection that evades audio interception and unauthorized access. The ZRTP and SRTP protocols ensure security for VoIP services.

The funds from the ICO will support the development of a proprietary network connection based on external and internal contours that include numerous servers, such as an HTTPS server, a distributed encrypted file system, VPN organization and certification authority.

Privacy Needed

While smartphone and Internet technology have created a more connected world, new risks have emerged. Large amounts of data are routinely harvested by hackers, corporations and governments. The line between these parties is often blurred. Hacks have demonstrated that security standards are inadequate.

Fortunately, robust encryption has become more widely available.

EncryptoTel will offer a range of user-friendly tools to provide secure communication by providing custom built technologies that ensure privacy. The company’s PBX will be a private network shared by a large number of users that can interface with an external telecommunications network.

Internet Protocol Arrives

Where PBXs are used in many large organizations, Internet protocol PBX (IPPBX) systems use computers and Internet infrastructure to route calls within an organization, allowing for greater efficiencies and versatility. EncryptoTel will offer a virtual IPPBX in addition to the easy integration of encrypted VoIP.

Blockchain technology makes EncryptoTel’s plan economically viable.

EncryptoTel will be compatible with Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. It will support both video and audio calls, as well as instant messaging. A variety of free apps will be usable with EncryptoTel, including 3CXpohne, X-Lite and Zoiper.

Beta Test Promising

The beta test has demonstrated the ability to configure the PBX by means of a personal account, providing a free number and limitless communication within the network. The network has already connected more than 100 local numbers.

The first stage of blockchain integration has confirmed identity for invoicing using the Waves digital signature.

Crowdsale Results Promising

The crowdsale, which ends May 31 or when a $3 million cap has been reached, has already raised more than $1.8 million in BTC, ETH and WAVES.

The funds raised so far have already enabled the team to make key decisions. The team is looking to hire developers and to decide on which country to register in. There is also enough funding to begin developing an investor dashboard.

The funding allows EncryptoTel to go beyond creating a fully functional PBX that has reliable encryption and an updated user interface, and releasing mobile applications for iOS and Android for safe communication within a PBX.

EncryptoTel is also in a position now to enter the global telecom market, including PBX models that are already customized for common B2B, B2C and B2G tasks.

By the summer of 2017, the company will open an office and commence the encryption of packet switching by means of video-voice packet switching servers with support of SRTP+TLS. The final release is planned for next summer.

A Growing Market

The telecom market is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. Internet-based technologies offer cost and convenience benefits over older approaches, evidenced by Facebook Messenger, Skype and other platforms.

Global demand for VoIP services is expected to grow at a combined annual growth rate of more than 9.1% from 2016 to 2021.

EncryptoTel will be the first PBX company to accept cryptocurrency payments and leverage blockchain technology for its underlying infrastructure. The use of cryptocurrency offers anonymous access to the service.



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