guy thinks “What was the point in being in IT, if we missed the bitcoin boom?”

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i found this thread on a forum i frequent sometimes, i thought it was interesting enough to share it, as bitcoin keeps getting higher and higher, and more popular we will continue to see these more and more.. of these types of rants..

why didn't i buy bitcoin when it was cheap,,, how could i of been so stupid.. why didn't anyone tell me…

remember we were all in his shoes once.. and most of us are still upset at the fact that we didn't get into this early enough…

back in 2013 when he wrote it, i most likely wouldn't of cared or understood what this bitcoin was, i wouldn't of finished reading it either, i had no need for bitcoin, i was getting along fine with paypal and busy with school, i also didn't understand much of how the monetary system worked

fast forward 2017, the price is now 1389usd

something happened several years, that forced me into bitcoin, it was necessity, that fact that paypal threw me out, after many years of being a customer, i made one mistake and they cancelled my account with no chance of getting it back,

that day was the day i had to look for alternatives and i started reading more about money and trying to send money out of my country, as i was paying developers to make me websites, just like that.. i had no way of paying my developer, i realised how difficult it was to send money overseas, and then i met bitcoin

i did not understand it at first.. i felt frustrated, what is this stupid bitcoin, what is this download blockchain thing..

took me 6 months to understand bitcoin, after giving up the months before because at the time there was no indication of how much time i wait to wait until the blockchian finished downloading, this stupid blockchain took too long to download and i thought it was broken and frozen, so i quit, but necessity kept bringing me back to try to download the chain, eventually after 6 months, i started to get the hang of it and bought my first ubits

after months of using it, i realized the power of bitcoin, and i couldn't keep it to myself, i had to spread the word,

i think this is just the beginning, i truly believe in the future having even 1 bitcoin will be worth more than you can imagine

eventually… we will see threads about people kicking themselves for not buying even 1 bitcoin, and saying how could they have not seen this , and why didn't anyone tell them 1 bitcoin would be worth… lots

i think.. this bitcoin boom hasn't even begun!

as this guy writes below, that no one told him about it, and he wished someone would of told him, it reminds me that i have spent several years trying to tell people i work with about bitcoin, but no one cares no one listens,

they think i am strange and crazy because its some funny internet money…

and i work in i.t. , i thought these guys would easily understand me, and be interested in it

but no…

many people around the world may believe that bitcoin is only for people in i.t. or nerds.. is that really the case?

the older i get, the more i realize how important it is to listen to people.. no matter how crazy this it sounds

which makes me think… what gets people into bitcoin… is it luck? or necessity or what

so my question to you.. what industry do you work in and what got you into bitcoin


here is what the guy wrote below

"Im just sitting here, having spent around 2 hours… trying to buy litecoins. I wont go into the details of that other than to say I feel like smashing my screen into bits.

So on this Sunday afternoon before I head off to the office yet again to file nov over time and sort out some needfull april to oct 2012 tax returns.

Umm… im asking myself, what part of being in IT should have enabled me to have been in on bitcoins early, like lets be honest here, if we had bought bit coins, say £5 worth, or heck £100 worth you would be able to basicly move on now to another more interesting level of your life, like having flat out your own home, able to start your own business. Or if you wished to spend some of that money from the rocket climb from $0.1, to $1000 per bit coin.

Its like having been in IT right during the late 90s, and known about the up coming internet, but not spent two minutes to think enough to domain register

Im not sitting here feeling sorry for myself, we can spend a few moments thinking about people that have lost access to wallets worth many millions which im sure we have all read about.

Its just im sitting here having a honest think about it, and the truth is, is that IT and interesting aspects of… No one pinged me, no one clued me in, no one emailed me or said, hay listen mate you might want to buy £50 of bitcon its a good idea for the future.

And also in here…. who here is looking at the writing on the wall about litecoin, that is five times faster and is getting pulled up as well, hence the reason only because some guy on a boxing forum I go to is not letting go about the subject am I actually saying, sht actually this might be a good idea to look into.

The point im making, im not having a go or blaming any one , im just saying, we all should have been in on bitcoin to some extent, even if your wallet had £20 in there.

What was the point of being in IT that we missed that chance to make some serious money. Sure we are fixing computers and supporting companys/users but these extra bits should not be past us.

Just throwing it out there…. has any one actually stopped and thought about this a bit?

I feel not jelious, no not at all… I feel like im an idiot, like being a fisherman with the best ship, going past the best waters with the best fish but going to the worst waters for some one else and getting paid poor wages for a 65 hour week.

Where is your bit coin wallet with 2000 bit coins in there?

if you dont have that why not if your in IT, which part of your interaction with IT caused you not to be aware of what was to come about?

What was the point of being in IT? You have to be a bit cynical about things some times, is it unfair to blaim yourself for having missed bit coins when at 0.20, I never even heard about it, did any one here hear about it when it first started?"

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