Hi, it’s mkwia again, maintainer of UASF/bitcoin on GitHub. I’m back to answer any more questions you might have about BIP148 or UASF in general.

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With just over 2 months left until August 1st (when BIP148 activates), I thought it would be a good idea to give everyone another chance to talk about where we are headed, and hopefully clear up any remaining misinformation or uncertainty that may still be present.

Last time we talked a BIP148 pull request was open on litecoin, and the pressure on miners caused by a looming UASF resulted in a swift activation of SegWit on litecoin. A similar pull request is now open on bitcoin.

As well as this, it is becoming clear that developers in the ecosystem love BIP148; 3 popular wallets (Electrum, Samurai and Mycelium) are now prepared for or supporting the UASF, as well as TREZOR the hardware wallet.

Here is a bunch or recommended reading, that may answer your questions; otherwise don't hesitate to ask in this thread or a PM if you prefer:

BIP148/u/shaolinfry's BIP on which UASF is based.

UASF/bitcoin on GitHub

uasf.co – a great FAQ about UASF

WeUseCoins guide to UASF – another, more in-depth FAQ

BIP148 and the risks it entails for you (whether you run a BIP148 node or not)/u/luke-jr's excellent article about the risk involved with BIP148

UASF is an economic boycott against miners/u/logical's great thread that discusses the impact on miners

Bitcoin Core slack – you can join the #UASF and #UASF-support channels and talk to us there!

If you run any binaries, make sure you verify the sigantures. guide

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