I am doing work for a bitcoin company but I do not know if it is legal or even normal.. pls help

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TlDR: Feels like a super shady business. I made 400 CAD in cash in 4 hours. Am making money but don't know what I'm dealing with.

I live in Canada. I received a job offer from BTC Trade, though I am not 100% sure that the person emailing me works there. They said that they found my resume on Indeed, which it was on. I was interested in the job, and I applied. I got the job. I gave in my Name, Phone number, Email, The name of my Bank. and my bank withdrawal limit.

My boss is the person I applied the job with. My Boss sends me a task, of the amount of money I need to deposit into my bank. The amount is about 800-1500$. I then receive an Interac e-transfer online for the money, from another person. My Boss then told me to go to the bank and withdraw the money into cash. she then asked me THE LOCATION OF MY BANK ADDRESS, and then sent me the location of the nearest bitcoin ATM. She then sent me another email saying I would receive around 10% for each transaction. She also sent me the QR code of the customers Bitcoin wallet. I continued to the bitcoin ATM and deposited the money into the bitcoin ATM. I did this process 3 times.

In the last time I did the task I had an extra 100$ which I could not deposit into the wallet, because it exceeded the limit. My boss told me I could keep it, and we would deal with this later.

JOB DESCRIPTION I RECEIVED: JOB DESCRIPTION Position: Assistant manager Salary: $ 800/week Probationary Period: 7 days; 10% for every completed order. Job Type: Home Office, Part-Time. Or you can easily combine it with any other job you have.

Training: We provide Probationary Period, so you can get all necessary experience in process.

Account for the work: We do not provide a bank account for a trial period. For the period of a probationary period you will need to use your personal account. After the a probationary period, we will provide you with the virtual account of the company.

GENERAL PURPOSE Compiles and reconciles data involving electronic transfer of funds to maintain accounting records: Examines electronic funds transaction entries on documents, such as bank statements and printouts, for completeness and accuracy. Perform clerical tasks related to the efficient maintenance and processing of transactions from customers.

SCHEME OF WORK 1. Prepare, verify, and process payments from customers; 2. Verify that transactions comply with financial policies and procedures; 3. Transfer money to headquarters/branch; 4. Keeping accurate records of operations.


*1485$ my commission was 150$

*830$ my commission was 85$

*1050$ my commission was 100$ out of which I got to keep an extra 100$ because it exceeded the withdrawal limit.

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