I made a Bitcoin based Trading Card Game (AMA)!

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Hello Reddit!

This is the first place I wanted to debut a game I've been spending quite some time working on. It's a Bitcoin backed trading card game called "Bitcards". The game consists of collecting cards and then using those cards to construct decks which you can battle other players with. Each different card you collect will be represented by a different Omni Layer token which is ultimately secured by the Bitcoin blockchain.

One of my (and the teams) core beliefs is that in order for blockchain technology to become widespread there must be sustained and varied use cases for the technology. Trading card games are an ideal space for blockchain tech to be applied as the blockchain solves two major issues with traditional trading card games up front.

  1. Authenticity – Cardboard collectables can ultimately be forged no matter how many measures the manufacturer takes to make forgery difficult. Bitcoin baked tokens cannot be forged.
  2. Trading cardboard with people is difficult – The blockchain is digital which allows the trading of assets to be done online or through various platforms, this makes trading much easier than meeting in person or trading cards at a hobbyist store.

The game will be free to play where you download the client and recieve a 60 card starter deck. The starter cards are not bitcoin backed tokens but rather a representation of some common cards on our server for you to get started with free of charge. After that you can purchase booster packs for about 1.5$ (in BTC) per pack (depending on mining fee). We will always limit the supply of our booster packs as limited print runs are in the spirit of trading card games and limited supply is in the spirit of Bitcoin!

The first release and first set are our Alpha release and we are looking to listen to feedback and squash as many bugs as possible. Due to this Alpha will launch with 250 000 Alpha booster packs. Once packs are sold out players are encouraged to trade with each other in order to acquire the cards they need.

Right now all cards are stored in the clients private key which is on your local machine. We will be soon adding the functionality to add a public key to an account so that you can store your card collection offline or in another omni supporting wallet in order secure it (registering a public key will mean you can create cold storage to hold your cards while your public key acts as proof to the server that you own the cards, only instance of a particular public key can be registered to any one account at any one time).

We are also talking to a hardware wallet company about partnering with them to have their wallet support all our tokens as well as all other omni layer tokens.

Please ask me anything! Thanks for your time!

Devs note: This is an alpha and currently there is an issue which may make the initial load time when starting the game for the first time longer than usual, we are working tirelessly to solve this. The load time isn't all that long so please be patient, Kind Regards, Dom.

Get the game for free here!: https://www.bitcardsgame.com/

Future development roadmap:

– Lightning layer support for booster pack purchase and card trading.

– Card market de-central exchange.

– Registration of multiple public keys.

– Native hardware wallet support.

– Match making and ladder ranking system

– Faster load times.

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