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I've been involved in Bitcoin since around Jan 2014, although I'd researched it a few years before in 2011 but didn't have the patience to try and understand it.

In early 2014 I lost $54k (AUD) which was most of my savings, i was playing in the forex markets and I had no idea what i was doing. Go figure.

Around the time I lost that money, my girlfriend also left me and my business (web designer) was also failing after 4 great years, and I hit rock bottom. That year really tested my character let me tell you.

It was around that time I was reminded of Bitcoin again because of all the media attention from the November 2013 "bubble".

I bought 0.1 Bitcoin of eBay for around $25 (I know, what was I thinking) and I started playing with it and understanding how it works. Funny enough I started spending it by playing on gambling websites. In a freak 0.003% stroke of luck, I placed a tiny bet on luckybit and landed on x999, which got me around 1.4 bitcoin, I remember that being worth around $1200 when that happened.

I decided to hold on to it, and over the course of that year I learned more and more about Bitcoin, it was fascinating, and it really helped keep my mind off the depression I had from all the other shit that has happened.

I bought coins all the way down from around $650 USD to $200 USD. I wasn't phased by the bear market, I just loved Bitcoin and wanted to be part of this experiment, win or lose. I committed to hold my coins even if it dropped to 0.

Fast forward 3 years and I feel so grateful to still be part of this community and project. I've never sold any coins and I'm now convinced more than ever about this fascinating invention.

One thing I've realized just now, during my train journey, is if Bitcoin crashed to zero, I wouldn't be sad about losing the 6 figures of dollar value that I'm currently holding. I'd be sad and truly devastated by the fact that this would mean Bitcoin had failed.

I'm in this and I'm holding because I believe in this project, the developers and this community. The wealth may come as a side effect, but what really excites me is what Bitcoin can do for the world.

That's why selling isn't even in my vocabulary.

I fucking love this community, there's so much passion from all segments… miners, developers, users etc. it makes me feel proud to be part of something so big, and we've not even really stared yet.

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