I’ve had enough of this, enough with diplomacy.

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I will not wait this one out, I want bitcoin to improve technologically, miners are blocking progress. BU is no progress, it is a naive and by now failed attempt to centralise Bitcoin, – or worst case just a bunch of trolls trying to boost alt-coins, albeit quite successfully.

I urge the core team to offer a solution, even if hurtful or controversial, I really absolutely don't want to continue reading about fork and BU ever again anywhere in the Bitcoin space.

If what the creeps at BU say is true, that core is an Axa/Bilderberg funded/planned hijacking attempt, then it would surprise me if the same entity would not also fund the "other side" as well – by means of social engineering or bribes, or outright threats and extortion – to cause the community to divide, tank the price and effectively fight and maybe even destroy Bitcoin.

but if that is the case, we are screwed already anyways…

so what we should focus on instead, is the technologically and engineering-wise best and safest solution for the current growth problems, cause that is all there is to, we are growing, becoming more popular, and thus the question of scaling becomes relevant, and now that miners act up and play all kinds of nasty tricks including mining empty blocks, the issue is becoming 'pressing'.

and the best and safest solution right now, objectively, is: tadaaa: Segwit and Lightning Nodes. you don't need to be a genius to figure that out, if you did at least 1-2 hours of research over the history of bitcoin and who makes good code for it historically…

so please can we just f-in go for that NOW? or does the price have to tank to what, $400?

it is absolutely irresponsible of both sides not to stick to their mouths. to BU I say: fork already and risk becoming obsolete, and core I say: do that UASF, or change POW already, of course, only if the code is safe and ready. but then, do it asap.

This scaling debate needs to stop once and for all. I am sick of it you have no idea. and the worst thing is that nagging idea that I get when I watch history in general, all mayor wars, even the most recent ones in the middle east, are usually funded by one side. because this is how the war-business works, there is much profit to be made for a 3rd party, if two other parties fight. this is only natural in a world where lawyers make laws, they profit from ppl fighting.

so what this post is supposed to do: a) give some people the idea that maybe both "sides" are made up and supported by the same hidden entity, which would be worst case.

b) encourage both sides to actually follow through.

and maybe c) I don't give a flying f. about uninformed and deluded and maybe extorted miners in a super controlled superstate like china, if they were to render all their mining ASICS obsolete, I would not shed a single tear.

I will shed a tear maybe if this stalemate continues til November or something though, cause it is a disgrace for everyone involved, and everyone about to get involved, ffs.

oh and one last thing for those still discussing what bitcoin really is: it is the economic majority plus the userbase. there is no way in hell that these two instances would want anything like a BU coin, because it is simply unsafe to run, and super uncoordinated, they have proven this time over time, so please, gtfo guys! you had your chance.

this whole thing makes me want to get rid of miner's influence once and for all, cause even after BU's demise, there will be new incarnations to disrupt what bitcoin stands for, and more minions will follow charismatic leaders figures for simple "truths" (like a blocksize increase would be the be-all-end all solution to a sophisticated problem)…just disgusting.

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