Jihan Wu endorses ≥95% consensus and compromise, with caveats

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In response to another Weibo user, whose post is below:


Broadly endorse. But a lot of perspectives here have already been dismissed by Core. There’s no mechanical way to reconcile a societal divergence. That’s if both sides of the divergence are unwilling to compromise and behave in a way that falls short of their agreements.

@比特币信徒星空:比特币为了解决分歧需要共识准则,1. 95%算力投票共识激活新功能,因为5%小算力不会存在。 2. 技术团队需要稳定成熟,技术产品需要经过review和测试。 3. 要允许多个成熟稳定的不同实现。

@bitcoinBeliever: To reconcile its differences, Bitcoin needs standards of consensus.

  1. 95% of hashing power to activate a change, because 5% won’t be around.
  2. The development team must be stable and mature, and technical products must undergo review and testing.
  3. Differing stable, mature implementations should be allowed.


Yesterday, he posted:

技术实力不是从天上掉下来,是一步一步积累起来的,Core照样出过更可怕的盗币、刷币、分叉BUG。BU现在技术实力(60分)确实不如Core(90分),但BU的路线方向(90分)远胜于Core(30分)。比特币是一个经济学问题。淘宝vs eBay时,是看谁路线方向正确,还是看谁的程序员牛逼?

Technical prowess doesn’t fall from the sky, it’s accumulated step by step. Core have made even more serious mistakes leading to bugs causing thefts, fake coins, unintended forks. For technical ability, BU now gets 60 points and Core get 90. But BU’s direction of travel gets 90 points beats by a long way Core’s 30 points.

Bitcoin is an economic problem. When Taobao and eBay were facing off, was it a question of whose direction of travel was the right one or who had the best programmers?


Alibaba’s Taobao was seen as the underdog when eBay entered the Chinese market. By offering free listings to sellers, they won and eBay gave up. The victory is a great source of pride.

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