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Hi guys,

wow the last 3 hours were the most scarest in my live. Sorry for my not perfect english, i am still a bit under shock and super under tension.

In Germany at the moment we have a bank holiday. Suddenly at 5pm it knocked at my door. 5 police offers and 2 wedocrazyshit guys were standing there with a paper to search my home.

They explained me that due to recent money transfers from A to B, back and forth and so on I broke German (?EU?) law.

Ok first I thought, they must be some of these new east Europe scammers. As a 165cm girl I was super frightend to argue with them. I wrote my BF a message to call the cops because I am close to get robbed. The officers were not cool and started to get aggressivly my phone..and sure they got it. But was locked MF 😛 (After all that my BF told me he called the cops and they told him everything is happening as planned to be)

So mark a long story short: I accused for money laundering. I am accused to maybe finance illegal organisations. I am accused to break law.

I am neither a lawyer or someone who understands what they told me. I got a information letter with that:

They told me I transfered more than 12.500 Euro which is illegal. WTF?!? They seized my computer and Notebook (I am at my BF place now).

Soooo WHAT THE FUCK???? In what place/world do I actually live? Not only that i cannot feel very safe in germany due to millions of new instrusive citizen(refugees) who just never learned minimum behaviour rules to women and I am not allowed to have a teaser or a knife or whatever.

NO, now I am no longer allowed to just own and trade Bitcoin? The only freedom I had where I can choose where to place my money and for what I can use it. Money I can withdrawal and deposite any time around the world. Giving me the freedom to be independent and to be under the radar of the GOV.

They just take it all. Your security, your time, your being and your money.

I HATE THEM! But you know what.

Now more than ever! Yes GOV, from now i'll never ever sell or buy BTC for more than 12500 Euro. From now i'll buy every crypto with every little new cash I have. And I'll buy as much as I can somewhere I can pay with cryptos. I am NOT going to be your slut playing to your rules! I give a shit abour your paper money.

And I hope everyone will follow that which has to suffer now, in the past or in the future to the same seizures! No matter in what crypto you are!

WE ARE CRYPTO! I believe in a future, which is maybe under the radar of GOV, where everything will be done/paid in cryptos.

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1 Bitcoins

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