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Here's what happened:

My elder brother (he was 23, I'm 17) had gotten into Bitcoin a few years ago. I, personally, had no interest. He had been buying since the $30 days. He was also an avid trader, and worked (part time) for a cryptography blog, where he was paid in bitcoins.

He never told us exactly how many bitcoins he had, but he said there were more than 500 and less than 1000. He said he had them stored in multiple places: hardware wallets, "paper" wallets and trading platforms.

A few days ago, he lost his 6 month battle against cancer. My family and I are working on retrieving his Bitcoins. Here's the breakdown of what we have discovered so far:

1.2 BTC in Coinbase (through his phone) 0.5 BTC on the Blockchain app 85 BTC on MultiBit HD on his MacBook

On his laptop, we found an encrypted text file labelled "Btc Private Keys" and my dad is bruteforcing it right now to decrypt it. That should yield something.

I also know for a fact that he has an account on Poloniex with upwards of 50 BTC, and through his emails we found out that he uses Bitfinex as well.

I have never used Bitcoin in my life and nor have any of my family members. I'm scared that if I try to transfer anything anywhere, I could risk losing the money. I'm making a throwaway for very obvious reasons.

Could you guys give me advice on:

a) What to do with these funds (sell them or what?) b) Where and how to withdraw them safely c) How to know if he has bitcoins elsewhere

Thank you so much.

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1 Bitcoins

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