New Centurion Cryptocurrency Offers an Alternative Payment Option While Supporting Its Own Children Charity

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Centurion Lab has launched a brand-new cryptocurrency called Centurion. The digital currency, named after the key figures in the ancient Roman army offers an efficient and easy to use alternative to several altcoins currently available in the cryptocurrency market. The Centurion cryptocurrency was launched on February 9, 2017, and it aims to solve the issues faced by the Bitcoin community by offering them an alternative.

The Bitcoin network is currently struggling with increased delays in processing transactions due to confirmation backlogs. The delay in network scaling has led to increase in miner fees associated with transactions. Centurion has considered these challenges to create a cryptocurrency platform with twice the block size of Bitcoin at 2 MB, and a block time of 1 minute. The specifications of Centurion cryptocurrency are as follows:

• X11 Proof of Work (PoW)

• 3% Proof of Stake (PoS)

• RPC port: 5555 / P2P port: 5556

• 1 Minute Blocks

• Block Size 2Mb

• Reward Schedule:

• Blocks until 100 – 0 CNT (for fair difficulty balancing)

• Blocks 101 – 250,100 – 100 CNT

• Blocks 250,101 – 500,100 – 75 CNT

• Blocks 500,101 – 1,000,100 – 60 CNT

• Blocks 1,000,101 – 2,000,100 – 50 CNT

• Blocks 2,000,101 – 2,500,100 – 25 CNT

• Blocks 2,500,101 – 3,500,100 – 10 CNT

• Blocks 3,500,101 – 4,000,100 – 5 CNT

• Blocks 4,000,101 – 5,000,100 – 2.5 CNT

• Blocks 5,000,101 – 19,000,000 – 1 CNT

• Total Coin production 250 Million

• Reserve: 50 Million.

The creators of Centurion are not just focusing on the financial aspects, they are driven by altruistic goals as well. In the Roman saga, Centurions were considered as the protectors of the downtrodden, weak, and young.  Taking a leaf out of the history, Centurion cryptocurrency also has an initiative named Centurion4Children — a charity that strives to help kids across the world.  Centurion cryptocurrency will be setting aside a total of 5 million Centurions to facilitate its activities. Centurion4Children will be responsible for supporting children and their families, sponsoring a child, providing safe water in developing countries and sustainable schools.

Centurion offers easy-to-use mining pools and software that save people from the complicated setup process as in the case of other cryptocurrency platforms. Centurion users can just download preconfigured files and become part of the mining community.

The creators of Centurion are also working on building a merchant network so that the community members can readily spend the crypto tokens for various goods and services. The readymade merchant API libraries make it easy for online platforms to integrate Centurion as an additional payment option. It has already partnered with one of the leading online sellers of e-books and videos on marketing, cryptocurrencies, internet tips, tricks, etc. In the coming days, Centurion will be expanding its network with the help of Cryptonetwork Ltd. Cryptonetwork will promote the use of Centurion through its marketing network in India, Germany, Italy, Spain and other nations.

More information about Centurion is available on the cryptocurrency’s official website.

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