NSA Crypto God calls Bitcoin Toy NSA Project

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NSA Crypto God 

Calls Bitcoin Toy NSA Project

The call him THE PROPHET. He is a major voice in Crypto with the ears of not only crypto whales but government leaders and intelligence communities .

Today he threw the world of Crypto upside down by trashing every existing crypto coin project as fake crypto that was created by amateurs with one exception Bitcoin being created as a simple NSA TOY project to track dirty money.

Read what the NSA CRYPTO GOD says about Crypto here.

Recently he made headlines when he said Bitcoin would hit $10,000 when it was near $20,000. Within 48 hours Bitcoins value plummeted to $11,000. That was a few weeks ago. Article Here

48 hours before Ripple quadrupled in value two weeks ago making it the 2nd biggest market cap coin in crypto, his public Tweet stood a top Twitter for days stating Ripple would soar and become one of the biggest market cap coins in crypto. Article Here

THE PROPHET sued the NSA and USA government in an international court over the NSA stealing his Prime Number Algorithm work and using it to create special relationship crypto keys they released through NiST that allows the NSA to back door all crypto today.

His international lawsuit revealed 5 years of torture by the NSA in US prisons and his 6 cases in the US Supreme Court are proof of his torture and illegal detainment under George W. Bush and the US Government.

 THE PROPHET was front page news around the world after 911 for warning of the exact date the event would strike. His name is still recorded by Yahoo archive the top search engine in 2001 as one of the top search terms on the net after 911.

All over the world his fans and media call him THE PROPHET .

His AI think tank HelixQ uses his theories to do market calls in Crypto as well as to release accurate mega quake windows.

After THE PROPHET released his PDF formula for planets NASA started to find new planets where his PDF theory predicted.

In 2014 Crypto News outlets buzzed when his book on Crypto revealed Bitcoin was an NSA and CIA project to track bad money and criminals and it was not anonymous and it could not scale to become a real global currency.

Everything  THE PROPHET said was wrong in his 2014 Crypto Book about Bitcoin has been shown to be accurate. The coin is now terribly slow and expensive to use making it worthless for small transactions and it will never be a global currency. It’s value has soared to levels his book said would occur as more and more fools bought into the NSA coin to track drug money and criminals.

Now THE PROPHET has formed real global crypto projects he says will take billions to create over years in time.




He is using his huge Trust of IP assets that includes some of the most valuable industry keywords there are as the seed to attract other FOUNDERS into real crypto projects that will scale to run the world’s economy. All in projects chartered out of the Cayman Islands that blueprint a global network of AI level super computers running off free clean renewable energy to run the global economy free of any government’s control.

The future of Crypto will all be in Cayman Island projects controlled by THE FOUNDERS and not governments says  THE PROPHET.



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