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Dentacoin Trusted Reviews Revamped Version Released

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The Netherlands-based Dentacoin Foundation released a brand new version of Dentacoin Trusted Reviews. The first blockchain-based platform for verified, incentivized and detailed dental treatment reviews now provides improved user experience and reliability.

Dentacoin Trusted Reviews is the pilot product of Dentacoin Foundation, developing the first blockchain solution for the global dental industry. It surprised the Blockchain and Dental communities with its unique use case, pre-ICO release and fast-growing user base. Up to now, the platform has attracted 14,904 Patients and 1,801 Dental Offices.

“Today we see thousands of websites, forums, social media channels with reviews. The paradox is that we can hardly find any that we can rely on as customers and learn from as providers. In a crucially important field like Dentistry, reviews are also often compromised, not verified and shallow to say the least. Dentists lack detailed feedback covering all aspects of the Patient journey and thus cannot extract sufficient information to help improve their service and treatment quality,” explains Donika Kraeva, Marketing Manager at Dentacoin Foundation and adds: “With the relaunch of Dentacoin Trusted Reviews, we are making a step towards delivering the missing reliable infrastructure for trustworthy, thorough, industry-changing feedback on dental services.”

Improved Design and User Experience

The new version of Dentacoin Trusted Reviews provides better visual appeal and ease of use. Dentists and Patients now have different, more intuitive homepages tailored to their needs, wants and most often used features. The registration process for Dentists and Clinics has been massively simplified and undergoes manual verification. Patients have Civic as a second registration alternative along with the good old Facebook sign-up. Live search, improved geolocation, filter, and sort options help Patients to more quickly find their Dentist.

Better Sharing Options for Dentist Profiles and Reviews

All sharing options are also enhanced. When sharing a Dentist’s profile on social networks, a live image with their current rating appears. When sharing a certain review, a preview of it is automatically generated. “Having been engaged in Dental Marketing for 5 years now, I know firsthand how important it is for Dentists to make their Patient testimonials visible. That’s the reason for implementing this new feature which – along with the Widget for showing reviews on their websites – will help Dentists to better visualize their reviews and thus reach more current and potential Patients”, explains Ms. Kraeva.

Higher Rewards for “TRUSTED” Reviews, No Rewards for Standard Ones

“TRUSTED” reviews are vital for ensuring genuine feedback that has the power to change Dentistry to the better. To recap: “TRUSTED” are reviews written by Patients with verified identities after receiving a unique email invitation by their Dentist. From now on, Dentacoin rewards with DCN tokens ONLY this proven authentic feedback.

Moreover, Patients can shoot a short video testimonial for an even higher incentive.

Patients who have not received invitations from the Dentists can request such from the respective button in their Dentist’s profile. If a Patient cannot find their Dentist, they can invite them to join through the unique referral link or via email (the same way Friends are invited).

Enhanced User Verification and Security

Patients and Dentists registered on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews undergo extensive verification to ensure that the platform is only used by real people. Patients are requested to verify their identity through the Blockchain-based Civic Identity Solutions and KYC (upon reward withdrawal). Multiple other protections against fake profiles are implemented, including but not limited to: requiring unique combinations of account data, blocking registrations from a repetitive IP address, anti-VPN protection, etc. All personal data stored by Dentacoin B.V. is protected and processed as per the latest GDPR rules that came into force in May 2018, as specifically described in Dentacoin’s official Privacy Policy.

20x Higher Referral Rewards Until the End of 2018

To kick off the relaunch, Dentacoin Trusted Reviews will now reward both Patients and Dentists with USD 0.10 equivalent in Dentacoin (DCN) for each active user invited to the platform. Active users are the ones that have not only registered but have also written a review. Both Patients and Dentists can benefit from this limited referral opportunity on DentaVox as well.

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