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Hi Bitcoiners!

This is a reworked repost of the 21st monthly Bitcoin news recap. I'm testing out a new format where I list items by topic instead of date so they are easier to digest for the reader. I would love to hear your feedback! (on the categories, the new format vs. the old,…)

For those unfamiliar with these recaps, each day I pick out the most popular/relevant/interesting stories in r/Bitcoin and save them. At the end of the month I release them in one batch, to give you a quick (but not necessarily the best) overview of what happened in Bitcoin over the past month.

You can see recaps of the previous months on Bitcoinsnippets.com

A recap of Bitcoin in September 2018

Adoption * The Lightning Network surpasses 100 bitcoin in network capacity * Someone paying with bitcoin in Rovereto, Italy at a 20% discount * Someone pays for a car wash in Brisbane with bitcoin * The biggest block yet is mined at 2.26MB * Someone gets a speaker fee in bitcoin after speaking for developers at a bank * A Butcher shop in Venezuela accepting bitcoin * Someone’s story of travelling across 18 countries using 1 btc * Swissquote advertises Cryptocurrency trading on some office windows * People discuss how expensive bitcoin ATMs are

Development * Someone working on a 3D cryptocurrency trading interface * Someone set up their Bitcoin full node + Lightning Network node following a Github tutorial * A new Lightning desktop app by Lightning Labs * The release of the lnd v0.5-beta and C-lightning v0.6.1 * The future of Lightning by Elizabeth Stark * Someone created their own Lightning Network-powered Cola machine

Security * A Chrome extension got hacked and tried to steal private keys to cryptocurrency wallets * Someone tried to attack Slush’s Lightning Network node with a 12 bitcoin capacity * Google Play takes down misleading bitcoin wallets * Japanese exchange Zaif gets hacked for $37M worth of bitcoin * An important bug is discovered and gets patched in Bitcoin Core 0.16.3

Mining * A look into an illegal bitcoin mining operation in an abandoned power plant in Russia * Slush Pool introduces an open-source operating system for some of Bitmain’s mining machines * Samsung is planning to build 10nm Asic mining chips

Business * The Goldman Sachs CFO on speculation about the bank’s bitcoin trading activities * Coinbase is exploring a bitcoin ETF * Bitmain is now planning an IPO at 16% of their original size * Canada approves a bitcoin trust fund * Morgan Stanley offers bitcoin derivates to its clients * The Robinhood investing app is making millions by selling user data to HFT firms * Google ends its cryptocurrency advertising ban * Bakkt on its first Bitcoin futures contracts

Research * An analysis of $1B Bitcoins on the move * As the Lightning Network grows it will become more difficult to track its growth * A $193M bitcoin transaction for a $0.19 fee * A collection of articles and research on PoW’s efficiency * Bitcoin’s energy consumption in comparison to gold mining, paper money printing, the banking system and governments * Europol research shows that bitcoin has not been used to fund any terrorist attacks

Education * A Bitcoin explainer someone spent a year on * An infographic on merkle trees * A discussion on why it is unwise to use bitcoin for crime

Regulation & Politics * The legal status of Bitcoin globally * How Roman coins took hundreds of years to lose their value * US regulators approve Winklevoss Twins’ fiat-backed stablecoin * Hayek on taking money out of the hands of the government in 1984 * Some cryptocurrency businesses in the US have asked US congress to hurry up with regulation * The Prime Minister of Malta on blockchains and cryptocurrencies

Financial incumbents * The US and EU cut Iran off the SWIFT system through threatening SWIFT executives with criminal charges * Visa and Mastercard forced to pay $6.2B for over-charging on credit cards * The Danske Bank CEO quits over a $234B money laundering scandal

Price & Trading * The bitcoin price is at an all-time high in Iran * People discuss the bitcoin price

Fun & Other * A reminder that bitcoin can’t be eaten by the family pet * There is a Bitcoin ‘glyph’ in iOS 12 * Bitcoin posters in Brighton * Bitcoin from a teenager’s point of view * Bitcoin on who wants to be a milllionaire * Scrabble adds Bitcoin to its dictionary

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