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Today may have been a historic day for a couple of reason.

A manifesto appeared briefly on Reddit and it was quickly removed, but 1 Anonymous archived it on their site. Some are saying it was released by the creator of Bitcoin known as Satoshi Nakamoto.

Basically the manifesto warns that Bitcoin and it’s current leaders cannot be trusted and that all crypto has been back doored by various intelligence agencies. Hence our title of this article that SATOSHI WARNS DO NOT TRUST BITCOIN.

Here is the url that Reddit removed the manifesto from

Here is the url where it was copied to by 1 Anonymous

The manifesto names a couple of major professors with decades long ties to cryptography who are the pioneers of the crypto that was used in Bitcoin. The manifesto release called both Dr. Lenstra the creator of ECC crypto and Dr. Koblitz NSA spies.

Some are saying the person that released this manifesto is Satoshi Nakamoto the creator of Bitcoin. Others are saying it is not. It was released under a user account on Reddit that used NAKAMOTOS as the handle.

The manifesto then goes on to explain it was a call to create a global credit fund and it gave that phrase in an URL that doesn’t resolve yet and the whois shows it was registered today but it was done anonymously.

This is the url used in the Manifesto, it does not resolve as we write this article

It explains that a new level of computer language is to be used with a new level of crypto on quantum computers that will run a new global currency in which everyone on the planet has an equal share of the networks wealth.

It says 10 billion credits will exist and that’s enough for 7 Billion humans and the extra 3 Billion are for future humans. However the first humans get one whole credit to their wallets and the remaining 3 Billion will be issued to future humans with only .000000000001 credit of the new global currency, which the manifesto suggest should be what a loaf of bread is valued at.

So basically everyone in the world is now a millionaire since they will have a full credit that can be divided up to 16 decimal places. Actually they may be billionaires since a billion dollars has 12 places.

So the idea is this is a currency for humans only, no governments and no corporations and the manifesto says to use your 1 credit wisely and to start to take tiny fractions of the global credit in return for trading say food you grow, or music lessons you give or whatever you do to some degree in life.

So a super powerful computer network is put forth in the manifesto that uses crypto way beyond anything ever created. The manifesto also calls for the UN (United Nations) to adopt a new member nation to own the land the super computers will operate on using renewable energy.

The manifesto then explains that 1% of the wealth of the network will be owned by the network and it can be used to pay for new computers and bandwidth by imposing a minor .01% transaction fee on all users of the global currency but when the network has reached 1% of control of all credits in circulation, that the transactions fees are rolled back to zero until the network dips below 1% control of credits again.

So basically the network owns 100 Million credits while humans start off with 1 credit. In other words the network becomes the most powerful group in the world.

So we now have a blueprint that explains to humanity how to create an equal wealth network and how that network will become the most powerful group in the world if adopted.

Parts of this sound like a brillant idea and part of it sounds scary. If you realize that the most valuable company in the world today may be worth 600 Billion or so, and that the richest person is worth 50 Billion, then today’s huge company is almost 12 times more valuable than any human.

In this case the network is worth 100 Million global credits and the richest human is worth only 1 credit. The manifesto then warns that any humans wallet can be revoked if it engages in trying to acquire credits from fiat type exchanges. The network is designed so humans learn to use their one credit as if it’s worth a million dollars. It gives examples to use the credits to buy loaves or bread or gallons of milk for .000000000001 fractions of your one credit.

Will this Utopian currency ever come to be? It could very quickly  if it is put into use without first going to the UN to acquire land rights to form a new nation very easily. If a group of crypto gods with some dough put in place a nice little network of servers and claim to have wallets waiting for humans to download on say smartphones. How many people would instantly go to the site and download their single credit? Then if some of those people actually start to trade minor fractions of these single credits between themselves virtually over night you could have a real global currency being used by perhaps millions if not billions of people.

Then supply and demand will take over, what will humans trade for a tiny fraction of something that everyone else possesses in equal value? It would be like taking all the gold ever mined in the world and giving every human their equal share which would be around one ounce. It’s a great idea and and the manifesto deserves serious discussion in our opinion.

What happens when some good old human greed kicks in and some humans try to acquire lots of credits, will the network really revoke wallets? I f the ydo then the credits may becomes what poorer parts of the world begins to use to take as trade for locally grown food staples and whatever. Western greed that has quickly adapted to concepts such as Bitcoin where a few are now hoarding the digital currency will not like the idea where global wealth and currency is divided equally amongst everyone.

It may be in our opinion that this idea could become the global currency of the poor and that eventually the wealthy may try to corner but the network will police such unfair distribution of assets to some degree.

Let’s face it, in poor parts of the world groups would soon send in lots of food to try to get locals to buy the food with these fraction credits. I could see companies formed where they obtain large amounts of credits. Then if the network really polices itself, will they wipe out big wallets that once agains abused the poorest?

The manifesto is clear, the wallets are for humans only and they all begin with only 1 credit. So when some people try to use personal wallets to collect credits for minor amounts of food, will the network take that wallets credits and say you are a business and not a person and the network is for people?

The manifesto also explains how to put in the poorest areas of the world a renewable energy network hube and give the poor people smart phones to use their global credits with, which in turn could bring the amazing internet to everyone in the world.

So this idea is worthy of some serious discussion since it could bring technology to everyone and the net to everyone and it could once and for all outlaw corporate greed that has fueled our world far too long.


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