So the whole industry got bamboozled by Jihan and instead of signing an agreement for progress, actually signed an agreement to stall segwit AND a blocksize increase indefinitely?!

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The code on Github Jeff Garzik is developing right now basically just breaks the current segwit implementation and has absolutely not even the slightest chance of reaching consensus.

On top of that, Vinny Lingham confirmed that for him and probably most others the purpose of the agreement is not to reach consensus or get past the stallment but to forcefully derail the only solution that could actually stop the whole farce in a timely manner:

"I'm willing to stand by the rest of the industry in trying to force a resolution other than UASF."

Source and the corresponding reddit discussion.

There is no place in bitcoin for forced solutions nobody wants but the few forcing them.

It seems like Jihan got everyone exactly where he want's them to be: Opposed to each other, without any chance of reaching consensus for progress and essentially prolonging the deadlock indefinitely.

It's a pretty smart move since he will be able to keep using ASICBoost and reap millions and millions in fees every week.

I seems he is the master chess player in this game and most others don't even realize how they are getting played.


For those interested in better understanding Jihans modus operandi, read about the Thirty-Six Stratagems widely used by chinese businesses. I wrote a little post about it a while ago:

Here is the corresponding wikipedia article:


Some shameless twitter shilling. Feel free to retweet my tweet if you agree with my conclusion and want to give it some more visibility:

I have my doubts, but maybe that way some people start realizing what's going on here….

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