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Online casino players in the US have had a difficult time finding a casino that will accept them. This is because online gambling legislation in the US continues to be a hot topic in many states and many politicians do not want to allow Americans to gain access to online casinos for one reason or another. In addition, most American bank institutions refused to process transactions to or from online casinos that are not based in the US.

With the rise of bitcoin and bitcoin casinos, the entire landscape of the online casino industry has changed. Gambling with bitcoin is now the best alternative for US-based players. The reason why is because bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that allows players to remain anonymous, make transactions anonymously, and unlike other forms of currency like the US dollar, it is not monitored by a bank institution or government authority.

If you are looking for the biggest US friendly bitcoin casino for 2017, look no further than Bitcoin is becoming one of the most popular methods for making payments online and more and more bitcoin casinos are popping up every day. More casinos prefer to use bitcoins because transactions are fast and inexpensive; sometimes there is no fee at all for making deposits and withdrawals.

When you make deposits and withdrawals, it does not take several hours or days when you use bitcoin since transactions are going to and from your bitcoin wallet instantly. These transactions are processed the same way credit or debit cards are processed with the exception that it doesn’t go through a bank or third-party banking institution.

Rated #1 in the US

Launched just recently in 2017, was specifically designed to bring Americans out of the darkness and join the rest of the online gaming world by allowing you to free play and make wagers on your favorite online games at any time of the day. This site is now the number one bitcoin casino in the US and has been rated #1 by several casino reviewing authorities. More Americans are joining the site every day because they feel safe playing at not only the #1 bitcoin casino in the US, but also the most trusted casino in the US as well.

Reasons Why It is the Most US-Friendly

Here is a list of the reasons why is the most US-friendly bitcoin casino you will find online today:

Accepts any player in the US who can make a deposit using bitcoin

Bitcoin currency transactions that are made in the US cannot be monitored by government authorities; you do not have to worry about getting in trouble or cops knocking on your door

This website offers an attractive suite of slots and table games designed by them of the best software providers in the world

Regardless of where you live in the US, you can always play anonymously

When it comes to the best bitcoin casino that is rated number one in the US and accepts all players in all 50 states, the obvious choice is Players in America have numerous benefits to betting with bitcoin and continues to be the #1 choice.

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