The coming french election and economic impact.

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As you may know , the French election for a new president is about to happened this sunday and the next (two rounds).

On first round there's 11 candidates :

Le Pen , Macron , Hamon , Melenchon, Asselineau, Poutou, Fillon, Artaud, DeVilleirs, Lassalle and Cheminade (liste here :

On the second round , Only the first and the second in rank of the first round results will stay for the choosing.

The thing is :

On all this candidates, a lot of them wants to leave EU. and even go back to french money instead of euros . Only Macron, FIllon and Hamon , want France to stay in the EU.Of course you can understand the impact on the money, the savings and more globally to the economy.

Some of them are considered very dangerous for the economy like LePen and Melenchon (extreme right and left)

Right now the poll says the top competitors are LePen , Macron, Melenchon , Hamon.

Let's imagine what could be consider as a worst case scenario , LePen vs Melenchon on second round . Some french people (actually I'm one of them ) would get scared and would probably rush to get money out of the bank .(like Greece or Brexit )

Moreover the rest of Europe would be scared too due to the consequences of France leaving EU .

It does not sound impossible to me to money moving to protect savings from loosing value .

Of course I'm no expert , this is just my observations. I let you search the net and draw your own conclusions

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