THE PROPHET Hits Alaska Quake Warning and Bitcoin Crash

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THE PROPHET Hits Alaska Quake Warning and Bitcoin Crash

Famous Music Video showed Alaska due for SUPER QUAKE

If you didn’t hear about THE PROPHET you will soon. His name is Dr. Sol Adoni and his music is issued under the Rex Luciferius brand. His famous prophecies have been issued for over 20 years through his SOLLOG brand. The music of Rex Luciferius has over 30 Million Plays on SoundCloud and three #1 Hits since it’s release in 2016 and it is being called PROPHECY MUSIC.

His music video showing where future rare super quakes over 8.0+ in range would hit just nailed the exact location for the huge Alaska Quake. (Video Below)

He is the person that gave humanity what is now called EOE Theory, it can predicted where over 95% of the largest quakes on earth will strike. The USGS and other geological agencies around the world use his EOE Theory to help predict where and when large quakes will occur.

His famous PRIME NUMBER ALGORITHM has been used for decades by the NSA to create special relationship keys they released through NiST to back door all modern encryption.

His BITCOIN ALGORITHM is being used by think tanks to predict huge spikes for growth in Bitcoin value as well as its crashes. His last three Bitcoin Crash Alerts were issued 48 hours before Bitcoin crashed.

1st Bitcoin Crash from 19K to 10K

2nd Bitcoin Crash from 16K to 10K

3rd Bitcoin Crash is happening now 11K to 5K

Yes, Bitcoin has had 3 major crashes the past 30 days and ever one THE PROPHET predicted.

Investors are now paying THE PROPHET $100 a month get his email alerts that predict not only when Bitcoin will move but other coins as well. He nailed the historic rise of RIPPLE as well as the crash of Bitcoin and also the huge raise in Tron.

If you like Crypto, well you better research what THE PROPHET is saying about every crypto except for the one he created, it’s all CRAP CRYPTO he says that will never scale and will never have mass adoption by merchants. It’s all CRAP and Bitcoin was created by the NSA and is a complete joke says THE PROPHET.

You can expect $5,000 Bitcoin any day now says THE PROPHET.

There is a great future for crypto, it will soon run the world only it is his two crypto projects both centered out of the Cayman Islands and both are raising over $10 BILLION in Founders Tokens to just assemble the team and hardware needed to build out a real global level crypto network. It will be headed by THE PROPHET.

The merchant crypto that is the only stable crypto ever created since it is based against the USD as it’s value in trade already has merchants on it so you can spend his crypto dollars created exclusively to run business merchant transactions at instant speed with NO TRANSACTION FEES it is called BizBytes.

His other crypto will run banks it is called simply BYTES.

His future crypto bank chartered out of the Cayman Islands is simply called BANQ.

The future crypto exchange running the world’s real crypto currencies is called Crypto Exchange.

The future of online gaming is his Cayman Islands casino project called 1 CASINO.

You can invest in the projects of THE PROPHET at

Venture Capital Crypto .com or

You can believe what you want, but the greatest genius to ever walk the earth is calling the shot for historic quakes and how markets move in regards to crypto.

It would be wise to invest your CRAP CRYPTO into his projects while he is still willing to take CRAP CRYPTO like Bitcoin and Ethereum and Ripple.

Those are words of THE PROPHET in regards to articles he has written about Crypto.

It’s all inferior CRAP he says and most of the coins are fake.



Download the TRIANGLE OF FIRE Song from the PROPHECY ALBUM


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