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Some of these are a bit offensive but there might be some interest in knowing what's being said on Wu's Weibo account just now. Below are all his posts there since he tweeted he didn't author that damn article:

二宝宣布支持BU后,其个人邮箱立即遭到了攻击。言论审查和恐怖主义的行径,是对比特币自由开放传统的彻底背叛,对比特币的发展前景构成了巨大的威胁。 ​​​

After Chandler Guo announced he would support BU, his email was hit by a spam attack. This behaviour is censorship and terrorism, a complete betrayal of the freedom and open tradition of Bitcoin, a threat to the future development of Bitcoin.


Reply to @yilesh: actually users don’t care. If Bitcoin insists on being so clogged up you can’t get coins to your account, you may as well use altcoins. Altcoins are decentralised too, don’t know what's so extraordinary about more expensive coins.

[Roger Ver’s image of altcoin's increasing their % of market cap]


Thanks to whom?

中本聪时代的Bitcoin.org和,被留给了theymos。比特币需要摆脱僭主集团的控制,也就需要摆脱这两个网站的钳制。 ​​​

The and sites of Satoshi Nakamoto’s day were left to Theymos. Bitcoin needs to break the tyranny of corporate control, and break free from the silencing of voices on these sites.

中本聪对于挖矿和全节点的真实态度(I was not the author, just Weibo it) :网页链接 ​​​

Satoshi Nakamoto’s real view on miners and full nodes

[Link to the 8btc domain at /forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=49394&extra=page%3D1]


A story about travelling north to get to the south: ‘I met a man near Taishan mountain. As we were headed north, he told me, “I want to go to the state of Chu.” I said, “if you’re going to Chu why are you travelling north?” “I have a great horse,” he said. “Your horse may well be great, but this isn’t the road to Chu,” I said. “I have plenty of money for the trip,” he said. “You may have plenty of money for the trip, but this isn’t the road to Chu,” I said. “My stable boy handles a horse well,” he said. The better these conditions, the further from the state of Chu.’ Good night.

BitcoinUnlimited.info已经被DDoS到打不开的地步了。 ​​​ is under DDoS so heavily it can’t be reached.

矿工要支持多层次网络的发展。但是,区块必须扩大。大区块必胜。 ​​​

Miners should support development of a multi-layer network. But, blocks must get bigger. Big blocks must win.

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