UASF nodes leveling off….BAD

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Amid suggestions of "modify BIP148 to an earlier date"


This is a numbers game. The bigger the August 1st guillotine is (node count) the less chance the miners have to fuck us around.


There are ~1000 UASF nodes right now set to chop the head off any miner who dares to mine a non-SW block on or after Aug 1st.

A few of them leave to start enforcing different rules?

All that means is we have fewer nodes in what is currently the most effective place.

Yes it's not ideal that we have to wait a week while trusting the miners to just behave, but what we have right now is the best we can hope for. We could do better if someone could wave a magic wand and suddenly all BIP148 nodes start enforcing tomorrow, but that can't be done. Therefore any effort in switching over from BIP148 is an effort in division. (And really, we get 150 nodes supporting BIP91? Bitmain really gonna care about forking those guys off? While at the same time we drop from 1k 148 nodes to 850? That is just weakening for the users.)

If anyone wants to enforce BIP91 that is currently just running core then go right ahead, but do not compromise the BIP148 nodes. They are the only thing keeping the miners honest.

I want to see the node count increase this week for our last final push. Remember, it has never been safer to do so. The more who do, the less likely the miners cause a network fork.

What has happened over the last few days is making people relax and the momentum of BIP148 has died down. This is potentially exactly what bitmain had hoped for. The compromise was only proposed because the users were asserting their power. We need to continue to do so.

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