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GameCredits Inc. is an international, multi-cultural company bringing together experts from both the blockchain and gaming. The company has worked together with industry leaders – Datcroft LTD, for two years to create the first crypto mobile gaming store. The mobile store will be available as an android application and shares the name, GameCredits.

GameCredits: An Overview

The GameCredits mobile store will host thousands of mainstream mobile games from across the world. The store currently has over 300 games which are planned to be expanded to 1000s this year.

Gamecredits (GAME), an open source POW cryptocurrency, will function as the primary payment and transaction currency of the GameCredits mobile gaming store. There is also a plan to incentivize the players to use gamecredits (GAME) for purchasing in game items, providing gamers with more value in their purchases.

GAME tokens will also be used to trade virtual items and in-game content by the players in the decentralized virtual market-place of GameCredits. GameCredits can be acquired by credit card payments and other local payment methods.

The GameCredits mobile store will also have an in-built proprietary payment gateway which will allows gamers to use Gamecredits to buy in-game content, and the GAME tokens will again function as the centerpiece of the gateway. The proprietary payment system also has an advanced fraud protection and data analyzation system equivalent to current enterprise bank level payment processing solutions, making it fraud proof.

The mobile store will even lead to a considerable reduction in the currently standard 60days payout period.

MobileGo: A P2P Smart Token

GameCredits has also created the peer to peer smart token known as MobileGo. MobileGo is a new Ethereum ERC 20 token that has been created to allow for smart contract technology and development within the Gamecredits Mobile Store.

The MobileGo tokens will be used to gamify GameCredits mobile gaming store by incentivizing gamer’s loyalty and participation through rewards. MobileGo token ownership will help them win rewards like purchase discounts and free sponsored tournament entries.

The Mobilego token will be issued on both the Ethereum and Waves blockchains, and will be the central to several new mobile gaming technologies. The underlying smart contract technology will help decentralize the gaming industry as it will enable gamer vs. gamer decentralized match play and decentralized tournaments. It will also allow for the development of a decentralized virtual mobile gamer marketplace where players can trade virtual items and in game content.

The main aim of the MobileGo tokens is to help fund marketing and branding of the Gamecredits’ Mobile Store and the development of smart contract technology within the platform using the Ethereum blockchain. The tokens will be available to the investors in the official crowdsale set to go live on April 25, 2017. You can find more about the MobileGo tokens and the crowdsale here.

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