Why is it impossible to hack bitcoin?

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No one has been able to hack Bitcoin because of its advanced blockchain technology. Yes, there have been many instances of theft, but mostly because of the lack of the precaution by the owners, problems with two-way authentication and other similar issues.

Any hack would probably involve generating fake transactions, but since they are fake, they wouldn’t generate a solvable hash, so miners would spot them immediately, and plenty of people have tried and failed.

Lets have a look at some precedents that could be considered "hacking bitcoin" but they don't look encouraging.

· CRACKING CRYPTOGRAPHY: Bitcoin utilizes SHA-256 for encryption. In the event that this algorthim is split, bitcoin is damned.

My conjecture is that when SHA-256 will split, new calculation gauges will rise and bitcoin would embrace them.

· ALTERING BITCOIN RULES: You might need to tackle hinders with lower trouble, make bitcoins after the 21 millionth bitcoin is mined in 2140 or change any of the principles of bitcoin.

You may well change them, and a few diggers can even process your exchanges, yet these coins would never again be Bitcoin, yet Bitcoin Hack. Just in case, you will be able to keep your bitcoins.

Adding bitcoins to your balance without proving ownership, it’s impossible.You need to show the miners that there is a previous transaction to your address.

If you fake it, miners will reject the transaction and the network won’t accept any block they that includes that transaction.

Bitcoin is pretty safe from hackers, but we can’t say the same for those companies built around Bitcoin. Isn't unordinary to heard that Bitcoin trades have been hacked and their clients bitcoins lost. It has happened to a large number of them before and will keep on occurring but as Bitcoin grows older, its ecosystem matures as well.

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